We specialize in sound control through our Acoustic Sound Baffle or Hanging Baffle Metal Ceiling construction.

U-Baffles is a metal baffle which is designed to reduce the strength of airborne sound. It can be used as acoustic sound baffle, and is also known as hanging baffle metal ceiling, or noise-reducing ceiling.

With the help of U-Baffles, you can reduce the noise level and improve the air quality in your home!

It is a great choice for noise control inside a room, a theater, a recording studio, school, hospital, shop and more.

Hanging baffles are the perfect solution for getting sound to stay in one room. They work by trapping sound waves so they can't escape or be heard outside.

Product Details

  • Width - 30-200 mm
  • Height – 50/100/150/200 mm
  • Length – upto 2.4 m
  • Powder Coated
  • Sublimation – Wood Finish
  • Pre-Colour Coated
  • Roof ceilings for metro stations, airports, office & residential buildings.
  • Building Façade.
  • Decorative or Separating Walls.