Are you looking for a light weight ceiling solution that can be installed quickly and easily?

The T-Grid suspension ceiling system is the perfect solution.Our ceiling panels offer easy installation, low weight, and low cost.

Sound baffles are a fundamental tool of noise mitigation, the practice of minimizing noise pollution or reverberation.

T-Grids is an innovative ceiling system made of extruded aluminium with a grid pattern that features easy installation with the ability to lock and unlock pieces with one hand!

It's easy to install and can be taken down in no time! T-Grids is perfect for any commercial or public building that needs light.

Product Details

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  • No expertise required for installation and uninstallation, the easy lock design makes it a breeze.
  • An excellent fire-proof performance makes it a much more dependable option than wood materials.
  • Anti-corrossion and long life guarantees that your purchase is worthwhile.
  • The fully automatic production line allows for an uninterrupted manufacturing process, maximizing efficiency.